GCBB Spring Updates – big news, big needs!

Bike Distributions:

We have distributed a consistent running average of 2.5 bikes per week, every week, all winter long, to Puebloans in need. This is way more than we’ve been able to achieve in previous years. The difference is we have a few more dedicated volunteers, we’ve worked to outfit our workshop, we’ve committed more time to the community’s needs, and we’ve had more support from you!

Kudos to Ron for the workbenches which have made our shop so much more usable!!! >>>

501(c)(3) Tax Exemption:

We have recently applied for tax-exempt recognition from the IRS. This marks a big step for us organizationally, and we await the possibilities it opens up for us.

Green Chile Bike Institute:

The GCBI which launched mid-February has now graduated its first 2 classes of students, who completed a 20-hour curriculum including bike maintenance classes, guided volunteer shop work, and riding and repairing bikes out in the community. Major appreciation to Sam, who has instructed and coordinated the program from Day 1. Classes will continue through late spring, with a total of 6 cohorts benefiting from this grant-supported community program. Spots are still available for interested community members on a space-available basis, so please reach out with interest to greenchilebike@gmail.com

Ongoing Needs:

As the weather warms, our needs and the needs of the community for bikes and bike repair services increase. So, we ask the following:

  1. If you have bikes that need a new home when you’re spring cleaning, please consider donating them to GCBB to restore and pass on to someone in need. Donations of repairable bikes are always welcome!
  2. If you have funds that are itching to be employed toward creating a kinder, gentler world, consider GCBB as a way to make that happen. We take no salaries from our donations, every last bit of it goes to operations expenses – parts, tools, components, and rent for our workshop. We would be glad for whatever you may be able to give to support the Pueblo community through our work.
  3. Consider coming out to our Spring Fundraiser, evening of Thursday June 1st, at Walter’s Brewing. We will have GCBB merch for donation, a very nice bike and repair stand for raffle, treats and a silent auction. It will be a chance to have fun in celebration of all that our students, volunteers, and supporting community have put into the project.

Thanks for reading this far! And for being involved in the ways you are able.

-The GCBB volunteers

These are some of the Puebloans we’ve been able to recently serve with your support:

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