I need a bike!

Great. That’s what we do! And we may have one for you.

The process is simple, but read on to see if you qualify:

We use our limited time and resources to restore bikes for people with any or all of the following needs:

  1. Bike is needed to get to and/or from work
  2. Income is low enough that buying a bike, new or used, is not possible currently
  3. Housing situation is not secure, or currently homeless

If any of these situations is the one you’re in, please reach out, and we can begin restoring a bike for you.

We do ask that you take care of the bike once it’s yours. We will require you to either provide your own working lock or purchase one from us at the time you receive the bike ($5). We also have helmets if you need one (free).

We sometimes help with specialty bikes like tricycles and even fixing wheelchairs. If you have needs along those lines, reach out! We might be able to help.

Contact us by email (info@gcbbpueblo.org) or via text (TBD) and we can get the process started.

Above are some of our recent bike recipients. All are welcome if in need!

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