Our Story

Formed as an answer to the needs of Pueblo’s poorest, we work to repair and distribute bicycles to those on the margins.

We are a group of cyclists with a purpose. Most of us have worked in social services for people experiencing homelessness and economic insecurity, or did experience that ourselves, or both. We know the importance of a safe, sturdy bicycle when other forms of transit are inaccessible. We know the utility, and beauty, and just plain fun of a well-tuned bike.

It is with this understanding that we work to improve cycling access, both to bikes and for bikes, for the whole community.

Why do this? Pueblo needs it. It’s as simple as that.

Our basic focus areas:

  • Restoring donated or abandoned bicycles and distributing them to those in need
  • Repairing bicycles for those who may not have access to tools, time, or means to do so
  • Teaching maintenance skills and providing tools and guidance for bike owners
  • Collaborating with other organizations in Pueblo on bike-related projects
  • Connecting cyclists (and yet-to-be cyclists) of all kinds to each other and the community

Since beginning work, we’ve restored or overhauled and distributed more than 650 bikes for Puebloans as of Feb 2023, performed hundreds and hundreds of minor repairs and adjustments, and provided tools, time, and advice for bike owners to make their own repairs. We’ve worked with partner organizations in cycling advocacy, community engagement, and poverty relief to get bikes out to those who need them, and to get tools and know-how into the community.

We are the Green Chile Bike Bank!

News coverage:

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