Our Plans

What started a year and a half ago as a few folks fixing bikes for people living on the streets and in the shelters is still pretty much just that. We’d like to grow a bit to meet more of our community’s need for safe, reliable, independent bike transportation, and that will take support.

Read on to see where we’re hopefully headed, and how you might help!

Short Term (Summer/Fall 2021)

This summer we have partnered with the Pueblo Rescue Mission to install a commercial grade bike rack and to put on mobile roll-up repair clinics. Anyone with a bike can come by and get a tune-up, replacement parts, and maintenance advice, free of charge. Thanks to generous donors for the materials to run these clinics! If you’d like to help us put on more repair events or distribute more bikes, locks, and helmets in the Pueblo community, please consider donating as well (not tax deductible).

We held a great celebratory community party at Walter’s on Oct 7th – we acknowledged our supporters and had GCBB merchandise available for donations as well as an auction and raffle to raise funds for materials and a space for the winter. A good time was had by all, and many more bikes will become roadworthy and be put in needful riders’ hands due to your generosity!

Medium Term (Winter/Spring 2021-22)

We have (with your help!) rented a space for the winter. Having a protected, warm, dry, and well-lit space helps us to keep tools, parts and projects moving along all winter. We are using the lower floor of a nonprofit-owned building in downtown Pueblo, near many of the services upon which our bike recipients rely. The nonprofit has given us a rate we can afford, but we are only assured of the space through the summer of 2022. The location is ideal, and if the space is a good fit as we work through the winter, we’d look to stay there year-round. Staying in this space allows us to expand our offerings to include walk-up/roll-up repair nights, something we were unable to do previously as we worked at members’ homes.

Long Term (2022 ->)

Who knows where we go long term with this? Many of Pueblo’s citizens will continue to experience poverty and rely on bicycles for primary transportation. We will be with them, however that may look. Many others will not have money for repairs for their own and their children’s bikes, or the time and knowledge to do so themselves. We look to meet these needs as best we can as our community grows, and hope you’ll help us continue to do so.

Sometimes the bike carries you; sometimes you carry the bike.

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